Holiday Hope for The Aninga Project

Dear Aninga Project Supporters,

Instead of standing in long lineups and agonizing over ‘the perfect gift’, let The Aninga Project help you get down your list by giving the gift of opportunity.

Making donations to The Aninga Project on behalf of your friends, family and co-workers is a simple yet meaningful way to get down your gift list while creating educational opportunities for girls in Uganda. In return for your donation you will receive (via email) our Holiday Hope certificate along with an information sheet about the project for you to wrap up for the recipient.

For anyone not yet familiar with our organization, The Aninga Project is a non-profit educational initiative funding education for females in Uganda. For our girls in primary/secondary, it costs only $40/month to pay for all expenses, from school fees to uniforms to maize and water, so every donation truly goes a long way for the project.

We are also supporting our girls in post-secondary endeavours, with two girls in university. This is a much more costly proposition, each term costing about $500.
For more detailed information on our organization and what your donation will do, head to or send us an email at

You can donate by going to and clicking on ‘To Donate’. Donations can also be made online through which you can access by going to our page on ( We also accept email money transfers to

Whatever way you choose to donate we will ensure that your funds are delivered to our girls in Uganda. Any contribution that you can make to our organization this holiday season will help to educate, empower and change lives.

Thank you for your time and support!
Jenny B.

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