The Aninga Project Fall Update 2014

November, 2014

Dear Aninga Project Supporters,

Leaves are falling, snow is starting to creep into the forecast and the 2014 school year is well under way in Uganda. The Aninga Project has big news to share!

Our BIGGEST News to Date…
In the spring, we informed you that The Aninga Project Team for the Blue Nose Marathon raised almost $13,000. As a result of this success, combined with the ongoing support of our monthly and annual donors, we were able to make some big changes this fall.

We are very pleased and excited to share with you that we have more than doubled the number of girls that we are sending to school this fall. We have eleven girls enrolled in grade school while Aninga and Viola continue attending university in Gulu.

Please take some time to give yourself a big pat on the back and celebrate because we could not have done this without you! Your support, encouragement and donations are what got us to this amazing accomplishment!

Expanding Our Network Here & There
After years of attempting to connect with Ugandans in Canada and other Canadian organizations working in Uganda, our network has finally started to grow.

One of the individuals with whom we have become acquainted is Isaac Mbaazira. Isaac is a Ugandan who lives in Halifax and he introduced us to the Uganda Canadian Association of the Maritimes.

This network of Ugandans expressed an interest in our initiative and even invited The Aninga Project to make a presentation at the Uganda Independence Day Celebration here in Halifax.

We are so grateful to The Uganda Canadian Association of the Maritimes for inviting us to share our story and for donating a significant portion of the proceeds from this event to The Aninga Project.

The Bududa Learning Center
This summer we were introduced to some very inspiring ladies who run the Bududa Canada Foundation and built a vocational high school in Bududa, Uganda.

When Barbara Wybar, their Executive Director, informed us that there are girls in the community of Bududa who cannot afford to attend the vocational school, we were eager to find a way to help. This fall we began supporting one girl who is now attending the Bududa Vocational Academy.

Bududa Learning Centre

We are very excited about this partnership and we look forward to seeing it grow.

Information Sharing is Caring
After connecting with a number of organizations who are operating – or hoping to operate – in East Africa, I am starting an information sharing network. It is very early in the process, but hopefully there will be more to share on this soon.

Ebola & Marbug
Many of you have gotten in touch by Facebook and email to find out if The Aninga Project has been impacted by Ebola.

Currently, there is no Ebola outbreak in Uganda. With that being said there are small outbreaks of Ebola frequently in Uganda so the country is better equipped than most at dealing with the virus.

Uganda is currently dealing with a different hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola called Marbug. One individual has passed away and there are a number of individuals in quarantine at this time. Our volunteers are monitoring the situation closely.
Our team is in the process of making some changes to our website. We have decided to take down most of the identifying information that is posted about the girls that we support.

While we pride ourselves in being transparent, this information could make targets of the girls whom we support and the schools they attend. Unfortunately Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations are targeting NGOs like ours and the girls that they support.

We will find other ways to share this information with our supporters and you are always welcome to email or call us with information requests.

Team Aninga Project 2015

It is hard to think about May while hanging up your Halloween costume but we are already gearing up for next year’s Blue Nose Charity Challenge. If you are interested in running, walking or helping out our Blue Nose Marathon team please let me know!

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Holiday Hope for The Aninga Project
Our annual Holiday Hope fundraiser will be kicking off shortly. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you, as always, for your time and your support.

Jenny B.

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