Holiday Hope for The Aninga Project

Dear Aninga Project Supporters,

While listening to a debate on the news this morning about whether or not it is too early to put up Christmas decorations (complicated first world problem) I began to think that the time is here to start making holiday shopping lists and get to work. Instead of having to stand in long lineups and agonize over ‘the perfect gift’, let The Aninga Project help you get down your list by giving the gift of opportunity.

Making donations to The Aninga Project on behalf of your friends, family and co-workers is a simple yet meaningful way to get down your gift list while creating educational opportunities for girls in Uganda. In return for your donation you will receive (via email) our Holiday Hope certificate along with an information sheet about the project for you to wrap up for the recipient.

For anyone not yet familiar with our organization, The Aninga Project is a non-profit educational initiative that funds education for females in Uganda. It costs only $35/month to pay for all of a girl’s expenses, from school fees to uniforms to maize and water, so every donation truly goes a long way for the project. For more information please check out our website at

Donations can be made online through which you can access by going to and searching for The Aninga Project. You can also go to our website and click on the ‘To Donate’ tab.  We also accept email money transfers to and if you would prefer, you can write a cheque to The Aninga Project and mail it to:

The Aninga Project

c/o Jenny Benson

306-960 Barrington Street

Halifax, NS  B3H 2P7

Thank you for your time and support!
Jenny B.

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  1. Leku benedetto says:

    How can one benefit from aninga project.

  2. super post you got here, thanks for sharing it!

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