Aninga Project Update November 2012

Dear Aninga Project Supporters,

It is hard to believe that Halloween has past and snow is falling for some of us! Before everyone turns their focus to the frenzy of the upcoming holiday season I wanted to steal a few moments of your time to share some things that have been going on with The Aninga Project since the last update in June.

The most significant piece of news that we have to report is that we are a registered Ugandan NGO! Our Ugandan team, headed by Edron, worked tirelessly to achieve this. It involved a great deal of work including random visits to our office from the Ugandan secret service so we owe Edron a big THANK YOU!!!! We have already been using our new status to test our hand at applying for international grants so this is definitely a great step forward for us.

Our website, which went live in June, has been receiving rave reviews. We are very thankful to Paul Green of CalmUnity for designing a website for us that meets our current needs with the ability to grow with us. We have been receiving donations from inspired strangers who come across our website which is a new and very exciting experience for our organization. In the near future we will be adding a section to our website entitled “Inspiration” and it will include things that we find inspirational. We are thinking of including great reads and stories we feel are inspirational to our organization, the work it does, and our supporters. If you have anything that you think needs to be included in this section please send us an email and let us know!

While our organization continues to support and encourage six girls in Uganda we are facing a number of challenges looking forward. The Aninga Project is dedicated to growing sustainably while keeping our administrative costs low and with the way that we are operating currently that is challenging. We have an incredible team on the ground in Uganda but we need them to be able to take advantage of opportunities to travel and pursue education and employment that are not linked to our organization. As such, we are looking at a variety of options that would help us to grow while not relying on our small support group being on Ugandan soil 100% of the time. Options that we are exploring include partnering with other organizations that have long-standing sustainable operations on the ground already. For anyone who has not been with us from the very beginning, it is important to understand that this organization came to be because the Benson family wanted to know exactly where each dollar of their money was going and what it would be doing there. Looking forward we consider this to be one of the most integral parts of The Aninga Project and it will undoubtedly remain intact however we move forward. We are very excited that we are in a position to be talking about growing significantly and excited to see where these new challenges may lead us. If you have any thoughts or suggestions with regards to organizations we might partner with or anything in this regard we would love to hear it.

Shortly we will begin to run our Holiday Hope fundraiser once again. We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who participated in our fundraiser last year along with everyone who has been supporting us on a monthly basis. We would not be able to provide opportunities for our girls to attain an education and a new way of life without your support. We will be sending out an email with the details around our holiday fundraiser shortly.

Many thanks,

Jenny B.

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