Project Update March 2012

It has been an extremely busy few months and I have to apologize for taking so long to send out our first update of 2012! Thanks to many of you spreading the word about our great work this update is going out to a number of new people and we would like to say welcome! We don’t send out too many updates but we do like to keep all of our donors and supporters informed about what is going on at The Aninga Project.

While it seems like the holidays were forever ago and March break is around the corner I want to take a moment to update you on how things went for our organization during the holiday season. Through our annual Holiday Hope fundraiser we raised enough funds keep all of the girls who we currently support comfortably in school with all of their needs taken care of. We also received a number of donations from new individuals which we are very happy about. We are also pleased to report that our number of monthly donors has DOUBLED as of the beginning of 2012 which is an important step for us on the path towards sustainability.


The Ugandan school year is getting underway for our seven girls. We organized the wire transfers for this term and Edron has been working hard in Uganda to deliver all of our funds to the five schools that our girls attend. We have also begun the arduous process of registering as an NGO in Uganda and have hired a consultant to assist us in negotiating the various levels of government that must be dealt with in order to be a recognized Ugandan NGO. While it may seem redundant to be registered as a charity in Canada and in Uganda, being registered in Uganda will allow us to access many more funding sources that are not available to Canadian charities.

Our organization would like to offer congratulations to our Ugandan Vice President, Constance Shumba Asiki, on the incredible challenge that she has taken on. In November, Constance moved to Mae Sot, Thailand to start a new job as a Public Health Curriculum Development Coordinator. There are more than a million refugees in Thailand and the curriculum that Constance is developing will train 90,000 internally displaced persons of Eastern Burma for leadership positions in INGOs and CBOs working to improve health in Eastern Burma and its border with Thailand. The Aninga Project is extremely fortunate to have such wonderful and talented individuals on our team!

Over the next few months The Aninga Project will be looking at the commitments that it made to the Johnson Foundation when we applied for the grant that they awarded us this past fall. One of the commitments was to find more sustainable funding sources and our new monthly donors are a huge help in that regard. We will be researching more grants and various ways to increase sustainability as an organization in general. The other major commitment that we made was to find out how to better utilize our volunteers and encourage more individuals to volunteer. If any of our supporters have suggestions with regards to either of these commitments we would love to hear them.

Thank you for your time and support and for helping to spread the word about the great work we are doing!

Jenny B.


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  1. Julius Tugume Ruhweza says:

    You are doing a commendable job. May God reward you abundantly

  2. Leku benedetto says:

    I’m teacher in Nyangilia ss where adania eunice,denny viola are and aninga was.I do teach Diria scovia in Parents school too,your support is of grt importance.Extend to more new girls.

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