About Us

The Aninga Project is an incredible organization that works to educate and empower young women in Uganda. By supporting The Aninga Project you are helping to make dreams become reality.

What does The Aninga Project do?

The Aninga Project works to fund the education of girls in Africa. When we commit to supporting a girl, we support her fully by paying for school fees, boarding fees, transportation costs, food, water, medicine and much more. We also commit to supporting her entire education, through the post-secondary level.

We currently have 20 girls in school in Uganda. We are very excited to say that the first two girls that The Aninga Project began supporting in 2007 graduated from university this year.

How does it work?

The Aninga Project is a Canadian Charity and Ugandan NGO based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Kampala, Uganda. Our Canadian team of volunteers raises the funds needed for our Ugandan volunteers to ensure that all of our girls are fully supported.


The genesis of The Aninga Project is a friendship between the Benson family and a young Zimbabwean woman they met through her participation in the 2006 International AIDS Conference in Toronto. When their friend, Constance, settled in Uganda with her Ugandan husband, Dr. Asiki, we asked if we could work together at a grass roots level to create educational opportunities for young women. Our Ugandan friends identified a girl who would benefit – Aninga – and we sent money from Canada to be disbursed by them for her school fees and other necessities. Aninga’s village in northern Uganda is close to both Sudan and The Democratic Republic of Congo: a dangerous area with little infrastructure. Educational opportunities generally are scarce, and for females, virtually non-existent. This opportunity was life changing for Aninga.

After meeting Aninga and learning the positive impact we were having on her and her family, we knew we needed to expand the initiative. In 2009 The Aninga Project began to take the steps required to become a registered Canadian Charity and Ugandan NGO. It grew from supporting Aninga to now supporting 20 Ugandan girls.

Why it works

It seems that the main reason why this project works so well is because it is a person-to-person, “on the ground” project. The money gets sent through wire transfers directly from the project’s account to our Ugandan contacts. We continue to strengthen our networks in Uganda and other parts of Africa to allow for this important aspect to remain intact as the project grows.

Questions? Send an email to aningaproject@gmail.com and we would be happy to answer any questions.